FLOAT TRAY | Float-tray accessory for poker room tables
300 chip ABS plastic float tray for texas holdem poker room tables
Premium poker float trays with six column 300 chip capacity and additional storage for dealer buttons, playing cards and chip spacers.

Poker float trays are designed for poker room use, they have less columns but can accommodate additional table accessories, such as Dealer buttons, playing card decks and chip spacers.

Gaming Supplies LLC offers stock availability of professional poker float trays with capacity to hold up-to 300 chips in 6 columns.Float tray for poker table gaming chips, black ABS plastic Mini-sized float tray is perfectly suited for rake commission collection on cash poker games. The middle storage section offers additional storage racks for two decks of playing cards.

Additional 2 mini-columns for chip spacers and dealer buttons. High-quality durable plastic offers premium look and long lasting professional application.

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