CHIP SPACERS | Transparent acryl chips for float trays
Transparent chip spacers for separating chip stacks inside casino float trays
30mm chip spacers are float tray accessories for separating chip stacks and making it easier to do float count and payouts

Chip spacers are transparent chips used to separate gaming chip stacks inside a float tray of casino card table. Casino dealers separate chips inside the float trays into even stacks, which simplifies the task of counting and paying out cash chips to players.

Chip spacers are typically transparent and made of acryl plastic. The round shape mimics the casino gaming chips, but diameter of spacers is smaller. Once inserted inside the chip tray columns, the chip spacers "space out" the stack of chips and help dealer count the chips stacks quickly, while making it much easier to pick them up with their fingers.

If you are searching for chip spacers, our warehouse has 30mm transparent chip spacers in storage, so feel free to reach out to us below.

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