american roulette

Roulette Wheel

CAMMEGH roulette wheels are most elegant examples of precision engineering. The bearing for example is manufactured from stainless and high tensile steel, machined and ground to the finest precision tolerances. They are lubricated and maintenance free for life, giving excellent spin times which actually improve over the years.

The MERCURY360 brings unrivalled security and operational features to the manual roulette wheel. In addition to many benefits of CONNOISSSEUR model, it also has 4 invisible in-rim sensors for fast and reliable winning number recognition. Data can be exported to DISPLAY, TERMINALS or other applications.

By processing organic elements of each game, the MERCURY360 wheel is able to generate additional random numbers (Bonus Numbers) for use in optional roulette side-bets such as Spread-Bet Roulette and Lucky Symbols. Side bets open the door to endless possibilities for expanding - and adding value to - the traditional game of roulette.

For displaying winning numbers, we recommend ROULETTE DISPLAY