ROULETTE BALLS | American roulette wheel table accessory
High quality roulette wheels balls: teflon, ivorine, UV marked
Perfectly round roulette balls provide additional security & create less friction in the ball track causing less noise.

Roulette balls determine the winning number on american roulette tables. The ball is spun inside roulette wheel by a dealer, and the pocket that the ball lands determines the number won in that round.

American roulette balls are essential accessory for operating roulette tables. We offer a choice of roulette balls of various diameters and colours, including high quality roulette balls from Cammegh, industry leader in manufacturing roulette wheels. The product is manufactured in Europe with high quality and strict tolerance standards.

The roulette balls are perfectly round, creating less friction in the ball track and consequently less noise. Casino professionals understand that the perfect round shape of the ball is very important to casino security and avoidance of player disputes.

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