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i-Deal™ Plusi-Deal™ Plus shuffle machine

i-DEAL™ PLUS offers latest technology, fast and efficient operation, and a sleek, low profile design to increase productivity, security, and flexibility for casino operators.

ShuffleStar™ShuffleStar™ Shuffle Machine

SHUFFLESTAR™ low profile design improves lines of sight and effortlessly delivers up to three cards per second. New security features further improve casino operations and game play.


ONE2SIX™ single- & multi-deck continuous shuffler combines user-friendliness and state-of-the-art technology to create a premium shuffler handling from one-to-six decks of playing cards.

DECKMATE 2DECKMATE 2 shuffle machine

DECKMATE 2 is a is poker shuffle machine with shuffle time of just 22 seconds. Offering maximum security for players, by checking for missing, extra or unknown cards.

MD3®MD3® shuffle machine

MD3® counts, verifies and shuffles batches up to eight decks of cards quickly and quietly, alerting the dealer of missing, added or swapped cards.