CHIP EXCHANGE RACK | Roulette accessory for exchanging casino cash chips
Changing cash chips to roulette colour chips is easy with money change rack
Multi-level chip change rack assists roulette procedures by designating well supervised location for cash chip exchange, supporting a que of players due for processing.
Improve roulette table game procedures by introducing money change rack casino accessory. The multi-level change box enables dealer to process a que of players awaiting exchange of cash chips. The dealer places the first player's cash chips on top of the rack, while the chips of next player are placed on the lower level. The roulette dealer then proceeds to exchange cash chips for wheelchecks.

The casino chip change rack improves table supervision of chips and designates specific place for exchange procedures. Transparent design ensures full visibility even underneath casino accessory. As an added benefit, the use of money change rack removes the risk of wear & damage to roulette wheel top rim.

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