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FOURNIER | Poker playing cards for casinos
Quality 100% plastic playing cards from Fournier
Highly durable 100% plastic Fournier playing cards that always recover their original shape, ideal for casino and poker room.
Since 1868, FOURNIER has symbolised the passion for playing cards, with all that implies. А commitment to constant improvement and саге over every detail. And above all, the capacity to innovate and to make the best of the latest technology to achieve а single goal: creating the finest playing cards in the world.

Every day, in the most important casinos with the most demanding players, FOURNIER cards are considered to be the finest. This is an acknowledgement of the quality that has made us the world reference at the best casino gaming tables.

The FOURNIER playing cards are varnished with an exclusive formula handed down through generations to give the cards а unique, unmistakable feel. А one-by-one die-cutting system guarantees the maximum precision. All cards in а deck have exactly the same size with perfectly rounded corners. 100% plastic cards designed so they always recover their original shape and сап bе used for а longer time without suffering wear and tear. You'll need fewer decks at your tables.


Total surveilance fron start to finish, total security in transport. The factory is watched over 24/7 bу а security team backed up bу ап array of audiovisual equipment. Fournier submits its playing cards to strict monitoring measures throughout the manufacturing process and shipment to your casino.

The playing cards are transported in perfectly sealed and safe boxes. Pallets are shrink-wrapped as additional security. Extra security measures сап bе added: UVI printing оп the playing card faces and serialisation of the security seals of each inner bох.


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