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Find casino jobs in Georgia (Batumi & Tbilisi), vacancies: dealer training, slot operators, cctv work
Are you casino professional looking for employment?

Gaming Supplies LLC assists casino professionals looking for their next employment. Confidentiality guaranteed. Working with gaming operators in various countries we often see demand for various casino jobs, and it will be our pleasure to offer new employment candidates.

Find below existing casino employment & open job opportunities in Georgia:

BATUMI CASINO JOBS SARPI JOBS IN SLOT HALLS TBILISI CASINO JOBS Also feel free to send us CV/resume with photo, and including:
- Desired casino job position
- Ability to relocate abroad, and desired length of overseas employment
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All received resumes are carefully looked at by our experienced casino HR specialist. We might be in touch with you to clarify additional details. If we find immediate match of open job positions, we forward your resume to relevant casino departments.

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