BLACKJACK SHOE | Card dealing manual shoe for six decks
Blackjack card dealing shoe with six deck capacity for casino blackjack tables
Manually deal blackjack card games on casino floor by using a multi-deck blackjack shoe with upto six deck capacity.

Blackjack dealing shoe is used to manually deal playing cards on Blackjack casino card tables. A batch of 6 decks is pre-shuffled and a cut card is inserted usually at 2/3 of the shoe. The game of blackjack is then dealt by pulling cards from the front of the shoe until a cut card is reached, signaling pre-determined end of shoe.

We offer choice of manual casino card dealing shoes for game of blackjack on casino live tables. The dealing platform is optimized for blackjack card dealing movement and flat to the gaming table surface.Black blackjack card dealing shoe

Blackjack card dealing shoe models from our stock vary in capacity to deal from six to eight decks. The multi-deck manual shoes have a lid and a pushing roller to ensure cards are always pressed at a flat angle against the dealing front.

Price of BLACKJACK SHOE is 59 EUR ex VAT

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