BACCARAT SHOE | Card dealing shoe for 8 decks of playing cards
Manual card dealing shoes for Baccarat casino table games
Manual dealing shoes for Baccarat hold 8 decks of cards and vary from black to transparent acrylic models. All Baccarat shoes have a lid and a roller pushing cards firmly against the dealing front.

Manual Baccarat shoes are used for dealing cards on casino Baccarat tables. Baccarat dealing shoes typically hold 8 decks of playing cards. Manual dealing shoes are a classic alternative to modern electronic shoe, which assist players and dealers with game rules and scores.

Our warehouse offers various models of Baccarat manual shoes with capacity to hold 8 decks. All manual card dealing shoes come with a lid and a roller to push the cards firmly agains the front.Black Baccarat card dealing shoe, holds upto 8 decks of playing cards

Manual shoes are used to deal face-up game of Baccarat or face-down and squeeze versions of the game. The cards are pre-shuffled manually or by using MDX shuffle machine. A cut card is inserted inside the batch of cards to signal when the shoe is considered to have finished.

Once the dealer reaches the cut card, the game of Baccarat is finished until a new batch of pre-shuffled playing cards is inserted back into the manual shoe.

Consider electronic shoe to assist players & dealers.

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