DISCARD HOLDER | Casino card table accessory for discarded playing cards
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Discard holder temporarily stores used casino playing cards. The dealer discards the cards into the discard holder as the card game progresses. After finishing the game round, the dealer will collect all cards from the discard holder and re-use them for the next round.

The height of the discard holder depends on the type of card game being dealt at the casino. For example, the shortest discard holders are used for poker games, where only one deck is required to be stored. Blackjack card games typically require discard holders high enough to hold up-to 6 decks of cards. If the blackjack gaming table uses continuous shuffle machine, the casino dealer will tend to store only a small group of cards, enough to resolve a few previous game rounds in case of player dispute. The tallest discard holders are typically used for Baccarat gaming tables, where eight decks of playing cards are used.

Discard holders can be made of different materials: transparent, red or black acryl plastic, or metallic from brass or aluminum. The transparent acrylic discard holders are fully see-through and assist staff supervision of card gaming table events, therefore improving operator security.

If you need help finding a right discard holder for your card game, we have 3 types available in stock, black opaque, transparent acryl, and red. We stock sizes of discard holders ranging from 6 to 8 decks. Please feel free to enquire below.

Consider paper playing cards available from stock.

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