Игральные карты


КАРТЫ ДЛЯ КАЗИНО | 100% пластиковые игральные карты для казино с логотипом
Качественные карты для казино из 100% пластика от производителя Дал Негро, Италия
Износоустойчивые пластиковые карты для покера, 100% пластиковый материал позволяет им всегда восстанавливать свою изначальную форму.
Since 1928 Dal Negro family grew to become a world leading manufacturer producing high quality playing cards. The close attention to security & quality control made DAL NEGRO supplier of choice for wide variety of casino operators across the world. Even today All playing card production is made in Italy in the Dal Negro’s factory.

Good playing cards make a huge difference in any card game. The main difference between Dal Negro and the competitors is the quality and durability of the cards. Dal Negro 100% Plastic playing cards are much more durable and long-lasting than any other card, they shuffle better, and slide across the table better.

Elegance and style, customization and design: Dal Negro offers different kinds of special back designs selected for Casinos. Freedom and Rose come with a beautifully smooth surface, while Virgolone presents an extremely pleasant rough feeling.

The card back can be customized with casino logo. Dal Negro design team will find the perfect solution for your casino brand. Dal Negro offers additional security features, such as security ink, safeguarding casino operating environemnt like no other manufacturer could.


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Скачайте полный каталог оборудования и аксессуаров для казино.

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